Monday, October 26, 2009

East Portal RECON

Chris, Butters, and myself headed up to the train tunnel on Saturday to do a little recon on the snow conditions.

After about three and a half hours of hiking we finally made it above tree line and saw that there was not much filled in just yet. Looking at the SW ridge extending from Frosty Mt.

With the daylight we had to spare we decided to drink a beer and refuel our motivation levels. While drinking our lunch we spied two mini couloir's that looked quite interesting .
Chris and Butters scouting out the mini couloir. Our line is the longer of the two vertical snow ribbons.

Although short it proved to be a pretty exciting descent. I think Chris measured it at about 42degrees. Steep, narrow, and fun!Yea! Butters first Couloir!

Felt good to slide on snow again.

Looking back on the peaceful prairie.
Peace, Jason

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