Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back at it !

I feel that its about time I catch up on some writing. Unfortunately when my adventurous friends as well as working buddies got laid off last April so did my blog. Having to work full time at the couriers left me searching for energy and motivation, not only to keep up with the weekends activities, but also my new blog. So I'm back, and determined as ever to document as much as possible this winter season.
This summer went by way too fast! From awesome climbing adventures in the Park, Lumpy Ridge, and my new favorite place, VEDAWOO ,( Thanks Cory )
I feel the need to hold on a little longer to one of the best summers Ive had yet in Colorado.

But winter is approaching quickly and its now time to sharpen those edges,wax up the skis, and check those batteries in your beacon.....Lets get it on!!

Peace, Jason

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