Sunday, November 1, 2009

To Ski ? or to Climb ?

About two feet of snow fell in Boulder on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, much more in the mountains. But ofcourse its Colorado and on Friday it warmed up into the 50's and boulder melted out just as fast as it froze everyone in.

Snow Bike

Saturday :

Chris taking flight to avoid the Butters obstacle...

Hoping to get some weekend ski track leftovers Chris and I strolled up to Caribou to scope out conditions.
Not much up there yet but we made the most of it....Fast hard wind slab turns..I'll take it.

Cruising back down Boulder Canyon it felt like summer and when I saw people climbing I had to remind myself that climbing season wasn't over, I had to get out and climb the next day. The remainder of the drive I continued to swerve my way down the canyon, pointing out to Chris in the process, all the cool stuff we could climb. I guess I'm a good salesman, Chris texted me later that evening that he was down to go.
So this morning we headed up to the Bihederal, a popular sport and mixed climbing area not to far up the canyon. With its perched southern exposure, and relatively easy approach, I knew this place would work great.
Chris on the 3rd class approach

tying in

I felt that these were some of the best shots I got of Chris pulling the crux on Puff Daddy 5.10a
Pretty Sweet!

Nice work Doody!!

Nice view of the Bihederal from the road. Climbers visible high on the wall.

Peace, Jason

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