Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Steamboat Yurt Trip

So I'm finally posting some pics from this last weekend's Yurt trip to Pearl lake near Steamboat Springs. Our objective was to track out Farwell mountain 10,800ft, and ski some of the best aspens in the state. Upon our arrival Thursday afternoon a fresh 2 ft of snow awaited us, so we headed for the top with much trail to break. After a grueling 4 hours of breaking trail to the summit we were finally rewarded with an alpen glow backdrop and face shots of some of the softest powder I've skied all year. It was awesome, effortless skiing through perfectly spaced aspens.
Chris skiing near the summit.

Friday brought us perfect snow but not so great light for pictures. Chris got some interesting footage with a home made helmet cam. The snow seemed to be preserved due to the cloud cover and cold conditions, but things were soon to warm up and spoil our soft snow. Surprisingly I got some of my best shots on Friday. One of Chris Miller in what we snow ninjas call the "Combat Position" and one of Aaron with snow ninja tools in tow. Notice the whistle and scraper attached to the "dummy" cord.

Mike and Jason joined us on Saturday along with warm temps and clear blue skies. So warm that the pillow light soft snow we skied just 8 hours earlier was now turning into a gloppy mess. Snow, heavy with moisture from the warm temps, was now acting like cement on our skis, slowing uphill progress, and making the descent tricky. But it was sunny and warm, it kind of felt like spring, hard to complain.
Evan showing off a fine example of what we backcountry skiers call "Glop". I'd say this is a serious case.

With this being my second trip to the pearl lake yurts I got the same impression from my last trip; peaceful isolation, no other skiers, cozy yurts...They actually have electric heat.

So with a keg of Upslope and some of the best food I've ever eaten off my vintage Coleman stove
we lived like kings. Spaghetti, lasagna, and oh yea, shrimp quinoa stir fry....."Mighty Ninja Draw Power From Ocean ! "

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible, The Doc for reserving the hut, and especially the hard core DBC crew for covering for us and making it possible for myself in particular to attend this great trip.

Peace, Jason

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Secret stash!!

Headed out today with Cory, Liz, and their dog Zowie to check out the skiing at the hidden stash spot. We were also celebrating Zowie's 7th birthday, Butters came along as well for a little dog's day out.

Cory round'in up the doggies.....

Snow conditions were primed for speed. With about 3 inches of new snow sitting atop a pretty hard wind slab it made for some fast turns. Definitely some of the fastest skiing I've done this year. It was like skiing "freshies" at the resort "Bro".....

Liz doing some evasive maneuvering around Butters......

Weather conditions in Boulder this morning were much different than in the mountains, cloudy and cold. With it being partly sunny up high, a classic inversion was present and it made for some great shots from high above cloud line looking east.

Peace, Jason

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lookin to get High!

Went up to East Portal on Saturday with my friend Matt who teaches avalanche courses for C.U. outdoor program. Butters, of course came along to.

Avoided most of the crowd in the mountains that morning and headed for the Continental Divide at about 12,000 ft. to ski some awesome lines off the ridge.
Butters scoping out his line...
The snow conditions were pretty stable and we found ourselves some nice 40 degree slopes to descend.
Even made a few jump turns!

A few more great pics...

Butters lookin west with Winter Park / Mary Jane in the background.

Peace, Jason
Also check out some more pics and a slide show of this trip, including the past two posts as well.