Thursday, January 1, 2009


When I started this blog a couple weeks ago its sole purpose was to be adventure based ( rock climbing -skiing- mountaineering ), to help with my documentation for guiding purposes, and to keep my family and friends who don't see me that often better updated as to how I spend my free time. But as I sit here typing another entry taking inventory on 2008 I've realized that my love of writing has returned to me. I feel that I've always loved writing, even from the young age of ten when I won a young authors award, its always just come easy for me. I think my mom still has the book that won the award ."The Robbery"
Writing also helped me get promoted in the military. Composing an essay of 500 words or less stating my reason for joining the Marine Corps and why I thought I should be promoted to Lance Corporal over another Marine who had the same number of promotion points, I amazingly wrote the better essay, and was at the First Sergeant's door the next morning picking up my new rank.
I'd like to read that essay today!

So with yet another year past I come to think about the future and the resolutions that I can make. One of them could definitely be writing more. Which I suppose is inevitable now with the start of this blog. But I would like to go on more rides with Butters, read more books, climb harder, ski faster, and overall just live life to the fullest. Because isn't that what its all about?

Happy New Year
Butters and Jason

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  1. I'm a closet writer. Writing is my way of sorting out my zany brain without offending or puzzling the outside world. I often struggle with censoring, it's hard to know what will tick people off, it's even harder at times to not care.