Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hidden Treasure !!!

Great snow, awesome weather, good friends. Undoubtedly the prerequisites to an epic backcountry yurt trip - of the good kind. The mob of 13 consisted of a colorful array of AT skiers, telemark skiers, and of course one split border . Our objective; 3 days skiing above the Hidden Treasure yurts nestled in the trees at 11,200ft on the south east side of New York Mountain 12,500ft. Each yurt slept up to 8 people outfitted with a wood stove plus propane fueled burners and lighting. It was pretty cozy, as long as the fire was stoked.

Once settled in the yurt it was time for a little sunset ski session.

Waking up on Saturday we were stoked to get back out and ski. Half of the group decided to ski some slopes near the yurt while Aaron, Sara, Cory, Liz D. , Alex, Kendra, Eric , and myself made plans to summit New York Mountain (12,500ft) and then ski down it. Definitely worth it.
On the way to the summit.

After summiting and skiing some awesome lines down the south west side of the mountain, Liz D., Alex, and Kendra decided to return to the yurt, and Aaron, Sara, Cory, and myself commenced to pretty much track out most of the rest of the un-skied terrain on the south east side of the mountain. Hats off to Cory for breaking trail about 100% of the time.

Sunday brought exactly the same conditions, clear skies, soft snow, no wind. A welcomed change from my last hut trip. Unfortunately Cory awoke feeling under the weather, but was still motivated to get out and ski. Well, halfway through our morning tour Cory ended up vomiting on the skin track. Whatever was ailing Cory definitely seemed to be more serious than just an upset stomach from drinking the night before. Not letting a little vomit slow us down we all pressed on and ended up skiing some great trees on the north east side of the mountain and also found a fun little half-pipe style gully below treeline.

All in all I can definitely say that this was a great yurt trip. Plenty of skiing got done with great friends sharing awesome sunsets. Couldn't ask for a better redemption trip.

FYI- We had found out later that Cory's sudden sickness was brought on by a salmonella tainted power bar. One of which was part of a recent large recall of peanut butter. Thankfully Cory made a quick recovery and was back to himself Monday for the ski out.

Had an awesome trip, thanks to everyone that made it happen.

Rich, Liz B. , Cory, Liz D. , Aaron, Sara, Kendra, Eric, Victoria, Alex, Matt, Ted.

Peace, Jason

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