Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lost Lake Recon

So I had a week off between finishing up with the Couriers and starting with Avid4, but of course the weather wasn't the greatest for climbing...The weather however in the mountains called for snow and lots of it..Almost 2 feet fell overnight between the 13th and 14th of April in the Indian Peaks. My original plan was to drive up to the Train Tunnel (East Portal) and ski a line near Radiobeacon Mountain on the Continental Divide...The only problem was I couldn't even make it to the trailhead...The road still had not been plowed as as I tried to drive back with my truck in 4WD I soon realized that my truck was pretty much floating over the snow as I plowed my way through it..Not Cool!
Then I got a little nervous. Due to an intense ground blizzard I had a hard time determining where the road ended and the sky began..Really Not Cool! At that point I made the smart decision to turn around...Very carefully, I did like an 18 point turn so that I wouldn't get stuck in the embankment and be forced to dig out by myself...Luckily I made it back out and gave a call to my friend Cory to tell him my change of plans due to the fact that I was by myself...Plan B...Hessie trailhead near the town of Eldora. I knew it had to of been plowed by now due to the fact its on a school bus route and on a paved road near other homes...Well I made it to the trailhead and put together a little footage of my adventure in hiking to lost lake...Visibility pretty much sucked all day as you can see...But its always great to get out in the mountains, alone, and do a little walking...Enjoy.

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