Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So its been awhile...

Ok so I'm slacking again with not keeping up with my blog..Ive been preparing and sending out my resume in search of guide work through the summer, and looking for a new place to move into. After a long couple weeks of searching on Craig's list everyday and doing interviews both for houses, and guide jobs, things have started turning around. I got hired at Avid4 Adventure as an Outdoor Education Instructor in both the Rock climbing and Mountain biking courses. I'll be teaching rock climbing and biking skills to elementary, middle, and high school aged kids. Seasonal employment from April through mid August. Last day at the couriers April 12th!! Although I feel I will miss riding It will be good to switch things up and work in the field at which I have applied myself toward in my AMGA training. As far as my living situation is concerned that's actually a funny story..I'm moving back into the Hamilton hood. This time though Ill be in the house to the left of the Ol' Gooney house. And this house has a bouldering cave in a shed in the backyard. Time to start training for the Diamond...Anyway Ive still been out climbing and skiing..Also made it back up to Loveland ski area with my good friends Cory, Liz, Kestrel, and El- Tedro ( Ted ), for a little in bounds skiing ... Here are some pics..

The crew on top of the divide after exiting lift 9

Cory Fleagle Gettin some wind blown pow turns...

West Side...Sucka!

Kestrel Hansen showing off some nice Tele turns.

Walking the ridge looking for the fattest corince to huck..
Ive also been getting out in the Backcountry with my boy Butters. Found these extra pics from skiing up at Caribou and the secret stash...Lots of good backcountry skiing this year..

The Anchor Mine near Caribou..

Butters seeing if anyone is home..

Caribou Backcountry runs in red..Where Ive found the best skiing over the past 6 years.

Very reactive snowpack...Glad I wasn't skiing anything over 35degrees..

Weather turning crappy..Time to head back to the truck...

On our way out we found this snowmobiler who somehow drove his sled into a tree well..I felt bad for the guy and his girlfriend as they didn't even have a shovel to dig there machine out. As the sun set I took out my avalanche shovel and helped dig this guys machine out and turn it back over..Oh yea when I arrived it was up side down..I looked at it as an opportunity to work on my strategic shoveling skills...Interesting end to a great day of skiing.

Well its finally getting spring like here and I think winter is coming to an end. Still holding out for that one last spring dump...This winter was pretty mild; at least from a couriers perspective...Hopefully some future climbing posts will emerge as the temps rise...




  1. Score on the guide related work. Sorry I won't make it to J1's courier retirement party. I'm hoping to volunteer guidance for some kids trail riding program this summer.

  2. um like your gonna have to update this thing more than every couple of months now that i dont see you everyday........nan