Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Alpinist Courier

So I filmed all of this on Monday...I have to say it was quite fun...Even riding one handed into work, and the high temps in Boulder were only going to peak at 10 degrees .... I guess I decided on alpinist courier because this is some good trainning for dealing with the cold in the mountains when your having REAL fun...Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks J1, I used to enjoy getting paid to ride boulder creek path when it was clear of people and plowed too. I've definatly lost my skills/complacency in simultaneous eating of lunch, reading of pages, talking on cell phone while pedaling on snow.

  2. nice one handed rid'n. You need one of those gopro's so you can shred and keep your collarbone. Metal is appreciated. Ride on!

  3. you really showed that boulder county does a damn good job plowing the bike paths...nice work