Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jackal Hut

Just returned  from a successful hut trip to one of the 10th Mountain Division Huts with my good friend Aaron .
Situated in an incredible position above treeline at 11,660 ft, Jackal Hut is one of the Highest of the 10th Mountain Huts. Able to accommodate 16 people this hut is super comfortable and has great views from almost any window..

We left South Camp Hale parking area 4 miles from the hut early Thursday morning...Arriving at the hut around 3 we were looking forward to getting in a little run before sundown....Jackie, John , and Greg, nice folks Aaron and myself met on the hike in were also down for a afternoon tour. Turns out we would get to know each other pretty good over the next day and a half of skiing and hanging out together.

Aaron leading the charge back to the hut after our first taste tree skiing the area had to offer..

Looking west from the deck of Jackal hut on a beautiful early morning sunrise..

Awesome mountain views in all directions..

Nice looking pillows on the north facing slopes...Hidden in all those" tight trees". Aaron and myself found that these slopes held  some of the softest powder, so we skied the hell out of this area. Running laps on day 2 ,just the two of us, like furry e-woks flying through the forest we logged an estimated 5,500 vertical...We just couldn't get enough...

Enjoying ourselves....

View back toward the hut and the North facing slopes we tracked out...Looking back from the south west facing slopes of Pearl Peak...This area held some nice above treeline skiing but would soon get punchy due to solar radiation...Blahhh!

Inspiring terrain..

Some incredible 1/2 inch surface hoar formed overnight that made our our second full day of skiing
even more enjoyable...

Yours Truly skiing some of that sweet surface hoar..

This is probably the tightest the trees ever got...Manageable...Especially with such great snow, turning through the trees came pretty effortlessly.

This was a great Christmas hut trip...No snow hole dug above treeline in a blizzard  this time.. Just splitter blue bird days, zero wind, soft powder, and good friends...Thanks Aaron, for making this trip happen, it was quite awesome.. Happy Holidays!

Peace, Jason


  1. Festivus feats of strength: sundown blizzard compass navigation and frostbite! I'll admit, the trip report made me miss you folks in Colorado a bit. Have not found many committing folks to ski with in Salt Lake, despite seemingly hundreds of text messages, emails and voice messages (clicky? easy access?). Looking forward to viewing your slide show.

  2. victoria mata-malmgrenMay 9, 2013 at 6:29 AM