Sunday, November 7, 2010

Night Climb

Just because the sun isn't up doesn't mean you still cant climb rock...especially when its 70 degrees out and its the month of November. I guess motivation to climb after work on Friday was fueling my need to pull down on some real rock ( rock gyms too expensive ) and although while I didn't get off work till 5:30 I was still determined to get a couple pitches in. So after meeting up in town Matt, Brett, and myself headed out to the Elephant Buttresses right outside of Boulder and dropped a rope on Classic finger crack 5.9 , and Tough situation 5.10. Easily top-roped from the same anchor, we were rapping in as the sun was setting in the canyon. Quite peaceful..

Brett stemming through the crux of tough situation.....stars in the sky above
Yours truly scumming my way up by headlamp...
Brett goofing around bringing out the big guns!!

Although this shot didn't turn out that well I still think it looks cool and gives a certain perspective on climbing at night..Relying on just your head lamp to read the terrain and moves above can sharpen your focus on just a move or two that you can see in front of you, while the shadows that your light casts illuminates the rocks micro  textures in a way not so much noticed while climbing during the day. This effect seems to give a more intimate feel to the rock and creates an exciting feel to the energy as well because your doing something that you really don't do that often which is climb rock at night....

Peace, Jason 

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