Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hidden Falls Hi-Lite reel

So once again I've neglected to keep up with my posts, but at least this time I've got enough good pics to sort of wrap up this past month of ice climbing at Hidden Falls. Also got the privilege of introducing ice climbing to two close rock climbing friends, Mike Zadd who was in town visiting from his law job in Kentucky, and Jacob McGuire a good buddy and sold front range rock climber. They both did awesome, which just solidified my enjoyment of guiding and introducing people to new things in the mountains...

Cory Fleagle asking me for a little privacy before he launches up a mixed line in awesome form.
Uhh....I don't think so Dude!!

Mike Zadd enjoying the experience.......Yours truly chopping away...
Jacob making some delicate moves on the ice curtain ...Till next time.....
Peace, Jason

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