Friday, April 24, 2009

Rocky Mountain Cement!

With the latest spring storm dumping up to 4 feet of wet snow in the Front Range mountains Evan, Chris, Butters ( his 1st gooney tour), and myself decided to head up to East Portal and scope out the coverage. Breaking trail took awhile, but after 4 hours we were finally above treeline. Good ol' Butters postholed the whole way..

Once above treeline the snow was quite deeper and halted Butters valiant effort to go higher. So Butters and myself decided to hang out and just take some pics of Evan and Chris skiing.

Good day to jump off stuff...

Butters first huck !!

And he lands it!!

The coverage was quite good, areas of what would normally be rock scree filled in nicely with this dense wet snow. Although difficult to ski it sure made for some good photo's..

Peace, Jason

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