Saturday, February 14, 2009

Secret stash!!

Headed out today with Cory, Liz, and their dog Zowie to check out the skiing at the hidden stash spot. We were also celebrating Zowie's 7th birthday, Butters came along as well for a little dog's day out.

Cory round'in up the doggies.....

Snow conditions were primed for speed. With about 3 inches of new snow sitting atop a pretty hard wind slab it made for some fast turns. Definitely some of the fastest skiing I've done this year. It was like skiing "freshies" at the resort "Bro".....

Liz doing some evasive maneuvering around Butters......

Weather conditions in Boulder this morning were much different than in the mountains, cloudy and cold. With it being partly sunny up high, a classic inversion was present and it made for some great shots from high above cloud line looking east.

Peace, Jason

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