Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caribou, Always Good!

Me and Butters "Ben" my 4 yr old wolf shepard mix finally got out into some backcountry for the first time together this season. Although traveling solo I hardly felt alone for there was at least 8 other skiers out that morning, and probably as many dogs!! But what do ya expect it is Ned backcountry...

It was a great day to get out with my dog considering how much he loves skiing with me...Although he also got wore out after only 3 runs.....dosen't have his backcountry legs yet!

So back to the truck went Ben, and on the way out I couldn't resist my hidden stash. Although overlooked this little utility-line skirun is actually really fun to ski. Especially on high avalanche days.

One more for the road?......Butters didn't agree

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